The S Series heat exchangers are made entirely of high quality, specially treated AISI 316L stainless steel to ensure superior corrosion resistance and longer life. Fabricated with a distinctive helically corrugate tube design which delivers excellent thermal performance. Intended for use with high fluid flows and low temperature variances, these robust, compact heat exchangers are ideal for many residential and industrial applications.

Little Giant SPBS Series Battery Backup System allows contractors to provide homeowners with the peace of mind that their basement is protected from flooding when the electricity goes out. The Little Giant SPBS Series comes in four systems: two options that feature the full system including a primary sump pump, backup sump pump, controller, charger and alarm, and two options providing everything except the primary sump pump. The full systems utilize the proven Little Giant 6EC or 10EC sump pumps that deliver capacities from 53-67 gallons per minute. The result is a system with high flow rates, quick charging time, and hours of battery longevity.

The Krowne Metal Gas Connector is a stainless steel hose designed to be used with stationary and caster-mounted commercial kitchen equipment. It’s design is convenient for equipment that is routinely moved for cleaning as features such as the rotational end pieces and the included restraining cable provide both ease and durability when moving large gas-supplied equipment. The green antimicrobial PVC-coated protective layer allows for easy cleaning while the stainless steel corrugated tubing provides both flexibility and a strong internal structure that will last with enduring strength.

MySpy WiFi MessengerWiFi Alarm System Provides 24/7 Remote NotificationEasy-to-Install indoor alarm system with WiFi connectivity, remote notification, battery backup and auto reset.  The MySpy™ WiFi Messenger system monitors and reports any residential alarm condition (contact closure), including sump high water level (float switch), or under/over temperature alarms. When the contact closes, the alarm notifies the user locally (audible and visual alarm) and remotely via SMS text messages and/or emails over a WiFi or Ethernet network to a smartphone, tablet or computer.

The alarm works with your existing WiFi or Ethernet network, so it does not rely on cellular connection which means no monthly fees or contracts. Easy installation and setup! 

Converting Feet to PSI - In relation to water pumps, pressure is typically presented in 2 common units (PSI and feet of head). It can seem a little complex converting feet of head to PSI, so here's an easy way to calculate this properly.

Not all pitless units are created equal
Why the Baker Pitless Unit?
FIRST and ONLY unit to carry full NSF 61 Certification for use in potable water applications.
Lead-free galvanization allows for better corrosion resistance.
Continuously machined solid surface o-ring seats eliminate crevice corrosion.
Dis-similar metals should be avoided.
Domed water-tight cap with stainless hardware prevents surface water contamination and eliminates snow build-up.

On-site engineering staff allows for customized CAD drawings to meet your specifications.
138 years experience in the water industry!
Not all pitless units compare equally, especially when you compare Baker’s industrial pitless to the rest on the market. Product for product, feature for feature, no one matches Baker. Baker Water Systems is proud to be the first manufacturer to offer the full NSF 61 certification on all of our industrial pitless units; keeping with our tradition of providing quality products, impeccable service, and solutions for your business.

Stay ahead of the curve on State and National regulations by choosing the NSF 61 certified pitless units from Baker!
NSF-PU REV 031113